Monday, November 19, 2007

Presidential Primaries

I've been doing some research on the presidential candidates. I found a pretty good website (albeit ugly) that gives information on the issues that the candidates stand for. I'm really liking Fred Thompson. After reading Rudy Giuliani's profile he seems kinda like a liberal in disguise. Mitt Romney is in second place for me. It seems like he has made some unwise past mistakes that would make him suspect to repeat. My vote so far is Fred Thompson. If you haven't looked into this stuff. You should really do so. We need a good leader in the White House. Pray for our current leader too. And if Hillary should make it pray for her as well.


Dave said...

I already know who I'm voting for. Chuck Norris told me.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised the Ron Paul followers haven't left comments yet on your blog. I thought they owned the internet.

Samantha said...

Some of us like our liberals undisguised--Go Barack! Beat Hillary! :-)