Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Columbia Gorge Hotel

On the way back from Spokane we stopped at the Columbia Gorge Hotel for our one night free stay that Davin won at the Multnomah family picnic back in August. We were going to have dinner there, but the cost was $40 per entre so we skipped out and went to a pizza place instead. It was a very quiet and comfortable stay (except for when the people above us got up at 8 am). In the morning we could see the beautiful view of the river from our window. When we went to check out the guy said they owed us $27. What? It was a gift certificate for one night's stay so we didn't see how they'd be paying us. Apparently when we made the reservation they assigned a value to the gift certificate. When we checked out the price of the room had dropped so they owed us a refund. With that being the case, we had lunch in their restaurant before taking off. We'd love to stay here again sometime.

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