Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We saw Riverdance on Friday after a great dinner at the downtown Macaroni Grill. We bought tickets the day after they went on sale so we landed side box seats giving us an amazing view of the action. Aside from the incredible dancing, my favorite part was the wonderful soloist with the clearest tone and most effortless singing ever! I also loved looking at all the costumes. I'm glad we got to see Riverdance. It's sad that this is their last U.S. tour. It was fun wearing one of my new maternity dresses. Strange to think that pretty soon going out like this will be a bit more complicated with a baby.

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Sarah said...

Take it from me...Enjoy the freedom while it lasts!!! But on the other hand, it's wonderful to share the day with your little one even if it's an all day event just to go grocery shopping :)