Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My husband can beat up your husband

On Saturday, Davin earned his red belt! I have had to pause my pursuit of Tae Soo Do to nurture my growing belly. I couldn't do half of the advanced stuff we're supposed to be working on, so Davin has officially passed me. I've always struggled with jump kicks. My body likes my feet to be on the floor, but Davin looks like he can fly when he jumps. He could easily kick anyone in the head. He had a great test though he was disappointed that he didn't break his jump spin heel board break (the hardest kick ever!). He's had a 100% break record up until now which is excellent, and he's very motivated to get it the next time. He'll probably be working on his black belt this summer, and then he'll be ready to test in the fall... depending on how preoccupied he gets with the arrival of his son. By the way, our son is very proud of his daddy and is already practicing little punches and kicks.


Melissa said...

That is great! this post made me smile.

Anonymous said...

excellent shot of davin in the air!