Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Windows!

Here's what our nursery windows used to look like. Yup, vintage 1906 wooden, single-paned windows. The ones in the nursery face south and therefore were arguably the worst windows in the whole house. We wrapped them in plastic when we moved in over a year ago and never bothered taking it off. The plastic kept out the wind, rain, and trapped a couple dozen lady bugs, a couple spiders, and a fly. Well, with baby Studer coming we wanted to actually open the windows this summer since it gets swelteringly hot up there. The windows we've managed to open in our house take about half an hour with a hammer and screwdriver. Even then, sometimes we give up. We wondered with the nursery windows if they'd actually fall out if we tried opening them. So we requested new ones... pretty please - for the baby? They were updating some faculty office windows, so our timing was great, and they easily added ours to the mix. They even replaced the ones in our bedroom. Wow!
And here's our new nursery windows. I can't rave about them enough! They're not only beautiful, they are double-paned!!! And they open and close effortlessly!!! Incredible! It seems a bit warmer upstairs now (but then the weather is warming up too). It's also noticabley quieter, and we won't have to wrap these ones in plastic. Ah, modern technology. I had to go out and buy fabric to make curtains. When they're closed and the sun is shining, the room glows a pretty blue.

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