Friday, April 02, 2010

Making the Cut with Jillian Michaels


I am determined.  Determined to loose this last twenty pounds and reach my goal.  Enough messing around with the same five pounds.  I want to try something different to shake things up a bit and give myself the extra push I need.  I recently purchased Jillian Michaels’ book Making the Cut.  It’s not just about counting calories, it’s about eating the right kind of calories.  For thirty days I want to stick to her diet and exercise plan to see what happens. 

Yesterday was day one.  I bought tons of fresh produce including some new things I’ve never touched before: fennel and eggplant. Who eats that stuff?  I didn’t actually get in her first workout though because I spent all day making food!  Okay, not really, but dinner alone took me three hours.  Thankfully it made enough for two more dinners.  I had the Artichoke, Fennel, and Tomato Salad with chicken for lunch.  Dinner was Lamb Dijon and Baked Eggplant with Roasted Tomato Sauce.  The smells and flavors are strong and so good!  So much better than prepackaged, processed food.  Twenty cloves of garlic take forever to peel though, and the house still smells strongly of garlic. No vampires here!  I think I need to hire a cook to do all the prep work for me. 

I just finished doing her first workout.  Oh my.  It’s intense if you do it right and don’t rest in between exercises.  Usually I look forward to the strength training part of my workout so I can rest from the cardio.  I find with Jillian’s workout it’s the opposite.  I look forward to the cardio so I can “rest.”  I also got her 30 Day Shred DVD and I’ve done the level one workout twice.  Desmond freaks out when I turn it on though (huge tears and sobbing), so it’s one more thing I’ll have to do when he’s napping.

This is pretty labor intensive – both the food and the exercise, so we’ll see how it goes.  It helps to know “it’s only thirty days.”