Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Proud New Owners' Learning Curve

For better or worse we are the new owners of this four bedroom house in NE Vancouver. We closed on June 18th but finally got the keys today after the past owners moved out. We stopped by this evening, and Davin got to see inside for the first time since our showing back in February. Desmond loved running around the open space and hiding in all the closets. We know the roof needs replaced and we have to treat some mold in the attic. The surprise was when I called to get our name on the water bill and found out that it's been $400 every two months! The lady told me to check for a leak since that's extremely high. We looked today and yes, with everything turned off inside the meter is still spinning. Great! I'm trying not to worry about the finances. We tried calculating out all the extra costs beforehand, but we've only purchased a brand new condo so we're not used to all the maintenance expenses that come with a fifteen year old house. We have many projects to fill the coming months, and the new water problem might involve ripping up our driveway and yard. I don't even know who to call about something like that. Guess we'll find out.