Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Bit of Excitement


Story #1: Yesterday morning Desmond and I came home from Target and this wall heater was running.  It’s turned itself on once before – faulty thermostat or something.  It was in the off position and if I cranked on it hard I could get it to click off, but it wouldn’t stay off.  I was standing there holding the knob trying to decide what to do when the smoke detectors went off.  Great!  I made a mental note of where the fire extinguisher was and where Desmond was as I dashed to the garage to throw the breaker.  All was well and I safely got the thermostat unwired from the wall (my first dabbling in electrical work).  Thank you, God, for protecting our house!  Note to everyone: make sure to clean these things twice a year like they say.

Story #2: This morning as soon as Davin closed the door I said I forgot my keys and turned to go get them.  “I did too,” was his reply.  What?  We were locked out at 7:30 am with no keys to the house or car.  Looking up I saw that the bathroom window was open.  Davin hopped up onto the fence and easily pulled himself up on the garage roof.  After a bit of finagling he popped the screen off and was in.  Whew.  Thank goodness we left that window open.  Now we need to remember to never leave it open again… as long as we have our keys.