Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmastime is Here!



The other day we made our first Studer gingerbread house.  I picked up a kit because it was super easy and fast.  Desmond was so excited to build it, and though it had potential to be a beautiful little house, it ended up with the design work of a two year old free to decorate as he pleased.  And it was perfect.  It lasted a grand total of four hours before we started devouring it.

Today is Christmas Eve and the advent calendar only has one more spot left.  Desmond is excited for Christmas but doesn’t fully understand how fun it’s really going to be.  He knows it’s Jesus’ birthday and that there are presents to open under the tree.  Tonight after he’s in bed we build the train table.  I’m excited to play with it and can’t wait to see his reaction in the morning.