Friday, December 17, 2010

New Roof Over our Heads


This was the week of the new roof.  The contractor said he’d call us to schedule the day, but on Tuesday a big truck pulled in unannounced and unloaded all the supplies to our roof. 

IMG_2707Wednesday a guy backed in a trailer and not long after that a crew of men pulled in with ladders and the pounding began.  They ripped off and repapered the back half of the roof that day.

IMG_2710Thursday they were back bright and early to finish the rest of the tear off and repapering.  I’m not sure when they reshingled the back half because we can’t see that part from our yard.  They also added more vents to prevent our mold problem from returning.

IMG_2715Today they were working where we could see them out the window, and I got my first look at the new shingles.  Desmond liked the guy with the orange hood.  I tried talking to these guys when they first arrived because we hadn’t heard from the contractor at all, but they only speak Spanish and my minimal high school Spanish skills have left me.

IMG_2718I was worried about the color we picked and wondered if a different color might look better because we didn’t really have time to discuss it, but now that it’s on I think it looks great!  (And you’re right, it’s pretty close to the same color as before.)

Next for the exterior would be a new garage door, but that will probably be a year or two.  Then after that we need a whole new fence because it’s falling down in a few places.  And someday it would be nice to repaint and landscape.  Anyway, it feels great to have a new roof over our heads!