Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our Not-So-Little Desmond

It’s hard to believe that very soon we will have two children!  I am looking forward to lightening my load and getting this body back in shape again.  Desmond likes to give baby sister kisses.  I think she’ll need to get used to getting lots of love. 


I’ve been struck with how big Desmond is getting lately.  Not only has he grown half an inch in the last 6 weeks (making him 38.5 inches tall), but he continues to surprise me with the things he says and his growing skills.  He can dress and undress himself, count to 29, and recognizes numbers 0-10 which is handy when we tell him he can’t get up until his clock says 7.  He knows all his letters including some letter sounds and can spell his name.  He also just learned our phone number. 

Recently a car honked it’s horn and Desmond said, “Somebody pushed the trumpet button.”  He also reminds me to take smaller bites and made a joke the other day by saying “cheese” instead of “please.”  He makes us laugh on a regular basis.  I should be better at writing these things down because I forget most of it.

IMG_2900Last weekend we went down to Albany to celebrate the Boydston March birthdays: Dad – March 1, Grandpa – March 4, Daniel – March 6, and me – March 15.  We had gifts and dinner at the Sizzler.  Here’s Desmond giving Nana an eskimo kiss.  He has a routine: hug, kiss, eskimo kiss, high five, knuckles, thumbs up.  We’re getting everyone trained in that.