Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Some Feeding Progress

Yesterday I had the joy of hanging out with Beka at the Enchanted Playhouse, and while the boys played we talked. Conversation consisted mostly about nursing our babies since that's the stage we're both in. We have similar situations with needing to teach our babies to breastfeed while dealing with the challenges of dealing with a three year old at the same time. She's just a few months ahead of me. I left feeling encouraged to keep trying breastfeeding with Kaylynn. For the past three weeks Kaylynn has had all of her feedings through a bottle. I've basically given up putting her to the breast since it makes her so mad. Every now and then when I have an unusually calm moment I may try for a minute or two before she gets too worked up, but that has been less than once a day. Yesterday evening I tried twice. This morning before Desmond woke up I tried again, and she actually nursed for fifteen minutes! I feel so excited about that, you have no idea! It wasn't a great feeding since she mostly did her flutter sucks rather than deeper sucking, but she was getting some milk and she stopped fighting me which is the first step. I'm trying to prepare myself for things going back and forth awhile before they get better and perhaps not working out at all in the end. Still, I'm hopeful for the first time in several weeks that maybe we can get back to breastfeeding with hard work and a lot of patient persistence. Meanwhile I've been pumping, and unlike last time, supply is not an issue. In only twelve day's time I have a full gallon of milk stored up in the freezer with another 15-20 ounces in the fridge. Even with so much extra milk I cringe if any of it spills. Yesterday I dropped a bottle and the cap broke spilling three ounces. I had to stop and remind myself of how much milk I have. It's okay.