Sunday, November 13, 2011

Parenting Solo

Davin took a trip to Spokane to visit his parents this weekend so I’m on my own with the kids.  It’s been somewhat exhausting and I don’t know how single parents do it!  I just feel like I’m battling so much of the day: Kaylynn fighting me on eating or sleeping, and Desmond is just in an inquisitive stage.  Everything is “Why?” and “What does that mean?” and I love feeding his curious mind about stuff, but sometimes I just don’t want to explain every detail.  We’re also working on him not challenging my authority and arguing.  Oh, I look forward to the day when no one cries.  I think we’re many years out from that.

DSC_0051On the positive side I have two adorable children!  Kaylynn is six months old now.  She’s starting to sit better and can even stand up by herself for awhile if she’s holding on to something.  She has two bottom teeth now and she usually eats at the table with us for all three meals.

Desmond loves to build and spends quite a bit of time playing Legos these days.  He impressed me by constructing his own Lincoln Log building for his cars. 

DSC_0090My favorite part of the today was when Desmond made Kaylynn laugh by twirling around with his blanket.  At first I thought he accidentally whipped it across her face, but she cracked up because she loved the breeze.  He also made her laugh when he did the noise sounds in our bedtime story Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Kaylynn definitely adores her brother.

Davin should be home within the hour.  Thankfully the kids are already asleep.  I look forward to next weekend when Davin and I can get away for an overnight at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember.  Hopefully it’s a good worthwhile conference.  We’ll see!  If nothing else I’ll enjoy being kid free for a day and a half.