Friday, April 20, 2018

Portland Children's Museum

We FINALLY got around to using Desmond's birthday gift from Grandma Linda a few weekends ago. I was too pregnant at first and then lost in the newborn phase. The final piece of the puzzle was a free weekend when Davin could come with me to help keep up with four kids. I've been wanting to post pictures ever since, but it's tough finding time to sit down and blog! Even today I have a sick baby who's refusing to nap so this it taking quite awhile. But on to the good stuff...
We had so much fun at the Portland Children's Museum! First we explored outside and especially loved the climbing tree. Inside we visited the kitchen, grocery store, water tables, vet hospital, dig pit, clay creations, theater, and other little hands-on activities. I liked the room where the kids could make stuff out of recycling. They are constantly pulling garbage out of the recycling at home to re-purpose it into various creations, and then I have to re-throw it away later. Emberly finally conked out for a nap after lunch so we could stay a little longer. We'll be back to visit again on a warm day when the outside creek feature is running. Thank you so much, Grandma Linda!
It was a full day!