Sunday, May 23, 2010

An End

My second pregnancy has come to an end.  I had spotting and mild cramping on Thursday evening and Friday.  Saturday morning I did about a 2 mile run with Desmond hoping it could help things get moving.  I felt like I was having a heavy period by mid-day but it was very strange knowing this was a miscarriage not a period.  We went to Costco and around 5 pm I told Davin I needed to go home.  My cramps were actually starting to hurt and I was feeling pretty crummy.  As I visited the restroom while Davin checked out I thought, “I should be more compassionate toward people during the regular course of my day.  You never know what someone’s going through.  Here I am going through a miscarriage at Costco and no one knows.” 

Once we were home about all I could do was lay on the couch with the heat pad.  I think the heat helped but there were a few cramps I had to deliberately make myself relax through and just wait for it to pass.  Davin was sweet and served me dinner on the couch.  Around  7 pm the cramps had subsided and while Davin was putting Desmond to bed I visited the bathroom.  There it was.  So this is the end. 

My bleeding has been much lighter since then with no cramps and I imagine it will all be done soon.  I feel relieved that the worst of it was short and not that painful.  I feel a lingering sadness that I will never know my second baby.  He or she was really only alive for about three and a half weeks.  So short!  May God bless us soon with a third child who is healthy and thriving for many years to come.