Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Relationship with Weeds

Here’s an understatement for you: Our yard needs work!  We’ve got mostly dead grass in the front and whatever is green is a weed.  We have a sea of weeds everywhere up to Desmond’s armpits as well as moss, uneven ground and lots of rocky soil.  I’ve been working on the weeds off and on for about seven weeks, and I’ve finally finished pulling all the ones out front.  Hey, now we don’t need to mow there anymore!  I’ve pulled some in the back yard, and now I need to tackle the sides.  As I pull, Desmond finds the white tops and blows fresh seeds everywhere.  I really like gardening so it will be fun to slowly transform our yard… over the next five years or so.  My deep thought as I weed: Tackle the weeds in your life early on and make sure to get the roots.  When ignored weeds take over everything, but with patient diligence your life can be a beautiful, peaceful garden again.