Friday, August 06, 2010

Potty Training – Day 2

During the night I woke Desmond up twice to go to the potty. He was dry both times, peed on the potty, and went right back to bed. Yay! I slept the last couple hours in his room so I could know exactly when he woke up to get him on the potty again. Well, before I could even tell him “Good morning!” he had peed in the bed. Hmmm. I started off my day tired and with a bad headache.

Mid-day: I feel much better after taking something for my headache. We had 4 successful trips to the potty initiated by Desmond (after I reminded him to tell me when he had to go). And we’ve had 7 accidents including 2 poops. Yuck. I’m on my break while he naps.

Evening: Desmond woke up from his nap wet. We only had 2 other accidents this afternoon including another poop and 3 successful trips. Davin’s on the early morning shift so we can see if Des can stay dry tonight. I don't like poopy undies!